Contestants will be nominated by participating bars but will not be running in national teams. Instead, to enhance the transnational character of the contest, the teams will each be composed of nominees from different Member States with different legal traditions, assigned to the teams by the Project Leaders with the aim to ensure a level playing field between competitors with different levels of skills and experience.

Team members must be trainee lawyers or, in jurisdictions in which initial training does not include a period of legal practice, newly qualified lawyers. A person is considered a “trainee lawyer” if he or she is regarded as such under the national law, including in the form of an induction or apprenticeship period, and if s/he has not attended initial training activities for more than two years. The training institution to which the trainee belongs shall certify his/her status, according to the above, at the moment of registration. A person is considered a “newly qualified lawyer” if they, at the date of registration, are in their first year of practice, such year commencing with the date when they were first admitted to the Bar irrespective of whether or not they are in such employment at the date of registration. Newly qualified lawyers are only eligible to participate if they are from a jurisdiction in which initial training does not include a period of legal practice.

It is not allowed to run in the contest more than once.

The teams will prepare any written paper/report and the oral presentations independently.

English is the official language of the competition. No translation or interpretation is provided or permitted

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