Conditions of participation

1. The Young Lawyers Contest is addressed to trainee or, in jurisdictions in which initial training does not include a period of legal practice, newly qualified lawyers. A person is considered a “trainee lawyer” if he or she is regarded as such under national law, including in the form of an induction or apprenticeship period, and if s/he has not attended initial training activities for more than two years. The training institution to which the trainee belongs will have to certify his/her status, according to the above, at the moment of registration. A person is considered a “newly qualified lawyer” if s/he, at the date of registration, is in her/his first year of practice, such year commencing with the date when the person was first admitted to the Bar. Participants will have to justify that they fulfil the above mentioned conditions by sending a CV to the organisers when registering to the contest. Participants will not be allowed to take part in the contest more than once.

Deadline for applications:

Contest I: 1st September 2019

Contest II: 15th July 2020

2. The number of places available for the contest is limited to 36 participants per contest. Participation is confirmed only upon receiving a written response from the organisers and after payment of the participation fee. A response will be given to every applicant of this seminar shortly after the above mentioned deadlines. For applications received after the deadline or in case the event is already fully booked, a reserve list of participants will be drawn up.

3. Participation fee amounts to 236 Euro per contestant. This fee covers catering costs (1 dinner, 2 lunches & coffee breaks/beverages), a documentation set, and participation in the contest.

4. For contestants belonging to the countries eligible under the Justice Programme, travel and accommodation costs are reimbursed. Contestants selected from countries not belonging to the Justice Programme will have to bear their own travel and accommodation costs.

5. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to a maximum amount of € 400 (including taxi costs) subject to submission of the originals of travel receipts to be send in within one month after the contests in Trier (like flight ticket, boarding pass, train ticket, taxi bill, etc.).

6. Accommodation for 2 nights will be provided at a hotel next to the venue of the seminar. More information will be provided after the participation has been confirmed by the organisers.

7. Lunch, beverages consumed during the event, the conference documents and the conference dinner are offered by the Academy.

8. Payment of the participation fees is a precondition to be selected as a contestant. The fee will have to be paid within 10 days after the confirmation of participation. The payment of the participation fee should be made via a bank transfer to be made within 10 days from the day of the confirmation of participation in the contest (contest I: 15 September 2019 and contest II: 30 July 2020).
ERA’s bank details
BBk Saarbrücken – Deutsche Bundesbank
IBAN DE14 5900 0000 0058 5019 00
Volksbank Trier
IBAN DE08 5856 0103 0001 0027 37
VAT Number: DE 811563520

9. A certificate of attendance will be issued after the Young Lawyers Contest.

10. Participation to the whole course is required and your presence will be monitored. Participants are not to make travel arrangements that require them to leave the seminar before its end. Filling in the Young Lawyers Contest evaluation form is also mandatory. Failure to attend the entire contest and/or to fill out the evaluation form will automatically mean that the participant is not entitled to a certificate of attendance or to reimbursement of costs.

11. A list of participants including each participant’s e-mail address will be made available to all participants. All the tasks (e.g: written reports) delivered by the participants within the framework of the contest will be put Online.

12. The participant’s address and other relevant information will be stored in the Academy’s database in order to provide information about future ERA events, publications and/or other developments in the participant’s area of interest unless the participant indicates that he or she does not wish the Academy to do so.